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Kristen Bell ‘Beyond Proud’ Of Husband Dax Shepard; Dax Suffers From Relapse

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Kristen Bell ‘Beyond Proud’ Of Husband Dax Shepard; Dax Suffers From Relapse: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have maintained a strong bond over all these years. Their marriage agrees with all the vows taken.

Kristen Bell Opens Up About Husband Dax

After Dax Shepard opened up about his recent relapse, to his wife, Kristen Bell, she couldn’t help but feel ‘beyond proud’ ofΒ him.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Source: Daily Mail.com

Following a recent motorcycle accident, the Parenthood starΒ had started taking Vicodin. The star, relapsed following his 16-year sobriety journey, battling an addiction to prescription medication for over a decade.

Dax suffering from relapse
Source: Daily Mail.com

According to US Weekly, Dax had kept his relapse a secret from his wife. But things can’t be kept for long, so he told her, and she was ‘nothing but supportive’ for her husband.

The source confirmed that the Parenthood star had kept it a secret as ‘Dax chose to keep this a secret from Kristen because he felt so ashamed at the time and didn’t want to hurt her.’

Dax And Kristen Understanding Of Each Other

In 2013, the couple had tied the knot together. Later the duo became parents to two beautiful daughters, Lincoln (7), and Delta (5).

Also, according to The Us Weekly insider source, the couple shares a strong bond and have been through thick and thin.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard sharing a strong bond together
Source: Daily Mail.com

Dax knew that he couldn’t keep it a secret from his wife for much longer, so he decided to come out clean. Later, all he received after the confession was love, care and determination instead of blame or anger from her side. She wanted them to fight the hard times together.

Kristen was heartbroken and felt the pain from which Dax had gone through, with his dad. She felt proud of how Dax had stood back up and turned his life completely around.

In 2012, Dax lost his birth father at the age of 62 to small cell carcinoma. Later in 2018, he lost his step-father to succumbed to prostate cancer. He was quite close to his step-father.

Dax Shepard Opens Up About His Relapse

Following his confession, the star thanked his fans for their support and care, admitted to suffered a relapse last week.

The Parenthood star also opened up about other instances such as falling off the wagon, further opening up about the relapse.

Dax talking about his fear
Source: Daily Mail.com

Also, Dax recently suffered a motorcycle accident leading to him getting permitted to take Vicodin. Even so, meant Dax had to be in a strictly controlled fashion whereby Kristen would ‘dole out the prescription.

Dax Shepherd talks about his father
Source: Daily Mail.com

Dax confessed last week that from 21 September he had been trying to come out clean and stopped using a prescription drug. Guess the CHiPS star, is back on his sobriety.

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