Kristin Cavallari Has Offically Split With Former NFL Player Jay Cutler Citing Marital Misconduct!

Kristin Cavallari
Kristin Cavallari

American TV actress Kristin Cavallari has officially split with former NFL player Jay Cutler. The couple had decided to go to their separate ways on April 26 following a 10-year relationship. The former Laguna Beach star had previously announced on Instagram that the two are concluding their relationship after 10 years.

The reality star and the former quarterback got married way back in 2013. Now the couple has officially split following a messy divorce. It is being reported that Jay was rude to all of Cavallari fans and family including Kristin throughout the marriage. Here is how Kristin and Jay’s story is unfolding.

The Former NFL Player Was Rude And Dismissive Towards Her Family And Fans

The couple recently announced their divorce in which Kristin cites ‘marital misconduct’ as the main reason behind the split. The couple first started dating in 2010. And as per Kristin’s family and friends, their relationship was pretty tumultuous from the start.

They called off their engagement in 2011 but reconciled later. Kristin claimed that there was marital misconduct. TMZ obtained and published some of Kristin’s legal documents in which she stated that the misconduct was on Jay’s behalf. Kristin also claimed that this is the main reason behind their divorce.

The couple has faced cheating rumors in the past. Jay allegedly had an affair with another woman which was rumored to be Kristin’s ex-BFF Kelly Henderson. Kristin and Kelly are falling out were termed as detailed in “VERY CAVALLARI”. On May 2, Kelly posted a suspicious photo on Instagram in which some claimed the man in the photo was Jay. An insider source later confirmed to ET that it wasn’t him.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Divorce Timeline: Did He Cheat on ...

Jay’s Cheating Caused The Divorce?

Rumors spread that Jay’s cheating is what caused the divorce. An anonymous source denied this to PeopleThe source said that cheating had absolutely nothing to do with the divorce. It also said Kristin is very much busy with her shows and brands and Jay has zero interest in any of it. They couldn’t relate to each other as much and this is what caused the divorce. TMZ said that the couple’s ongoing custody battle could’ve fueled the divorce.

On April 29, Kristin filed new documents in which she accused Jay of financially punishing her. The couple currently still lives together. Kristin wants to move out but Jay wouldn’t let her leave. Instead, he withheld funds from Kristin. The couple is also engaged in a custody battle. Kristin and Jay have three kids together and Kristin is asking for primary physical custody. However, Jay is looking for joint custody. The two reached an agreement on May 1 which will allow Kristin to buy a new home. A source told E! that in exchange, the two are agreeing to split time with their children.


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