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Kristin Chenoweth Is Missing Her ‘Little Nugget’ Ariana Grande Due To Quarantine And Coronavirus !

Kristin Chenoweth And Ariana Grande
Source: NME

Kristin Chenoweth Talks About Missing Ariana Grande

Kristin Chenoweth Is Missing Her ‘Little Nugget’ Ariana Grande: Kristin Chenoweth gave an interview to Us Weekly on June 25 as a part of the promotion for her partnership with Town House crackers. During the interview, she talked about many stuff including the fact that she misses her close friend Ariana Grande. Ariana And Kristin have shared a deep friendship for a very long time. While talking to Us Weekly she mentioned about Ariana saying, β€œShe’s my little nugget, I love her so much.”

Kristin Chenoweth
Source: Hollywood Reporter

The First Encounter Between Kristin Chenoweth And Ariana Grande

Kristin Chenoweth also remembered the first time she met with Ariana. They had the first encounter when Kristin Chenoweth’s Wicked released and Ariana came to watch the movie. She was only 9 years old and aspired to be like Kristin and also told her about the same. Kristin recalled the incident and said, β€œHer Nana and mom brought her backstage and she goes, β€˜I want to be you when I grow up.’ And I was like, you’re so little … she came up to my waist. I felt like Heidi Klum. And then we stayed in touch.”

Kristin Chenoweth And Ariana Reunion In 2016

During their first meeting, Kristin gave a wand to Ariana because she said, β€œYou’re a princess, you’re a queen and you sing like one.” Years later the two reunited for Hairspray Live! In 2016. Ariana had kept the wand safe and brought it with her to show it to Kristin. Kristin could not believe she had kept the wand safe and cried.

Kristin Chenoweth And Ariana Grande
Source: NME

Kristin Chenoweth Excited To Go On A Double Date With Ariana Grande

During the interview, Kristin talked about her equation with Ariana. She said that the two share a relationship beyond music and connect with each other at an emotional level. They talk to each other about everything from music to boys and misses doing all of it with her due to the pandemic and the lockdown. She is excited to go on a double date with Ariana as soon as its safe outside. Kristin has been in a relationship with Josh Bryant and the two are spending the lockdown together. Meanwhile, Ariana is dating real estate agent Dalton Gomez.



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