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KUWTK Might Be Over But Kim Kardashian Is Already Looking For Her Next TV Venture!

Kim Kardashian
Source: India

Kim Kardashian Looking To Start Fashion Based Reality Show

Kim Kardashian is far away from slowing down as she is already looking for her next TV venture. A production source revealed that she is looking to start with a reality show that relates to fashion. However, it is still just an idea, and she is still in discussions for assessing the potential of this idea. The source said:

β€œA fashion-based entrepreneurial series is something which has been discussed in the past. Whether that manifests in a game show along the lines of America’s Next Top Model or The Apprentice is still being assessed.”

Kim Kardashian
Source: India.com

Kim Kardashian May Star In A Documentary

Almost every American knows how Kim uses her fame and influence for the good as a civil rights activist. Furthermore, she has put in a lot of work to free people from prison who might have gotten locked up wrongfully. Moreover, in the documentary The Justice Project, everyone saw the passion of Kim for this work.

She also enjoyed associating with the project and is thinking of making a documentary by herself. She is thinking of covering her work as a civil rights advocate and give people a sneak peek of the behind the scenes work.

Kim Kardashian Looking To Expose The Loopholes Of The US Justice System

Kim wants to make people aware of the shortcomings in the US criminal system where people get wrongfully committed for acts they have not done. Moreover, the source said:

β€œWith the right team on a TV show, Kim could raise awareness of flaws in the US criminal justice system. She has told us many times how many things are unfair and how many problems there are. To mix that fight with a show would be a fulfilling dream role.”

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Wants To Grow Into An Older And Wiser Woman

Kim Kardashian wants to grow out of KUWTK and try new things that are experimental and gives her the scope to grow. The source said:

β€œShe sees a bright future for other shows, which are very different from KUWTK and help her move on as an older, wiser, business-minded mother.”

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