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KUWTK: Scott Disick Has Really Low Testosterone Levels!

Scott Disick KUWTK
Source: Insider

Scott Disick Was Feeling Tired In Latest KUWTK Episode

The latest episode of KUWTK is out, and this time it focuses on Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick. He revealed that he was feeling exhausted and decided to get himself checked up to find the reason behind it. He said:

β€œLately, I’ve just had no energy to do anything. I wake up and I’m just shot. I don’t have the drive to get up and run around with my girlfriend and my kids.”

Scott Disick KUWTK
Source: Insider

Scott Disick Goes To The Hospital Over Excessive Tiredness

Scott Disick decided to take the advice from Kim and go to the hospital for getting his blood drawn. He was not too thrilled about it from his past experiences but wanted to get some idea on his problem. He said, “I’m a drop nervous about doing all these blood panels because I’ve put this vessel through a lot of trauma, I’m not going to lie. I’m scared, but if there’s anything wrong with me, whatever is the best way to get my body functioning better is what I’m going to do.”

Scott Disick Has Low Testosterone Levels

Scott Disick got to know that the reason for his tiredness was low testosterone level. He was relieved to see that it was nothing too serious and decided to meet a nutritionist. He said, “I’m very thankful that there was nothing serious. It could be for several reasons, so my doctor suggested I meet with a nutritionist, who did a more detailed blood test to find out why my testosterone is so low and to see exactly what’s working and what’s not working on my body.”

Scott Disick KUWTK
Source: FR24 News English

Scott Disick Feels Excessive Alcohol Consumption Led To Low Testosterone Levels

Scott Disick was an alcohol addict and was admitted to rehab twice in the past. However, he is now a teetotaler and doesn’t drink. However, he feels that excessive consumption in the past has led to low testosterone levels.

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