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Kylie Jenner Thinks That Her Baby Has Grown up; Creates Lots Of Memories With Her!

Kylie Jenner Thinks That Her Baby Has Grownup; Creates Lots Of Memories With Her!: Having Kids is always a blessing. And that is too having cute and adorable babies are far beyond that. It seems that Kylie Jenner is having lots of fun with her 2-year-old kid in this quarantine. The little girl spends most of the time with her mother and Kylie never forgets to make it a memory

Kylie Jenner gushes about daughter Stormi Webster growing up; Shares cute videos of her playing by the pool
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Recently Kylie shared a cute photo of her daughter sitting in her lap while she cuddles. Kylie Jenner can’t believe that her daughter is two years old now and captions “my baby is getting so big,”. She also shared a sketch of Stormi made by a fan on Instagram. She also shared a video of Stormi playing in the pool wearing a swimsuit.

Kylie Wants Her Daughter To Enjoy In The Lockdown

During the lockdown period, we cannot go out, meet our family and friends. Since Stormi can also not go and meet her friends, her mom makes sure she has the same entertainment in the house. A few days ago both of them celebrated easter and Kylie had made surprising arrangements for her daughter Β Fancy Easter eggs, cupcakes, tasty Easter treats and candies, pizza, and more, Kylie gave Stormi everything that a child could ever want.

Stormi Also Cooks

Kylie has started her cooking classes for stormi at the beginning of the lockdown period and posted videos about it. In the video, we can see Stormi helping her mother to decorate the cakes. This time her fans could her sweet voice also when she asked was the icing okay? to her mother

Stormi is also the one who binds the family together. Both Kylie and Travis got separated in 2019 but are still on friendly terms with each other. They come together while taking their daughter for outing and spending some quality time with their daughter

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