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Kylie Jenner Trolled For He Cheek Fillers On Twitter!

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Kylie Jenner Trolled For He Cheek Fillers On Twitter!: When you have 196 million followers on Instagram and over 35 million Twitter followers, you cannot expect the fans not to notice every small thing.

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Kylie Jenner recent picture had made her fans assume that the model had undergone cheek implants or fillers.

Kylie Jenner Body Modification

In Recent Instagram stories ofΒ  Jenner (23), fans noticed that the model has some changes to her cheeks. We guess the TV reality star has undergone another cosmetic procedure.

TheKeeping Up With The Kardashian star, had undergone many Cosmetic producer’s to enhance her features. Her first change, when she was only 17, lip fillers. According to Kylie, her thin lips made her feel conscious.

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Kylie Jenner lip fillers

As a result, the Reality TV star, got her lip fillers Β (and Botox)Β  she denied the fact for a long time, only opening about it in the reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”.

Despite large fan following, Kylie is frequently trolled for body modification. One fan after her lip reveal also tweeted, “kylie is 17 y.o & getting lip fillers & cheek implants like do u know how f*cked up ur face is gonna be in 3 yrs ur not even done growing yet.”Β 

Kylie Jenner Recent Trolling

After sharing the series of Instagram photos, to show her makeup, the mommy-of-one, Kylie Jenner ended up trolled for her cheeks fillers. She was made fun of many times, whenever she showed off her old and artificial look.


The model had applied heavy contour, but yet some fans felt that her cheeks didn’t look usual and she had undergone another body modification, cheek fillers.

Kylie trolled on twitter, called by the name “chipmunk”. People even poked fun by saying that it looked like Kylie had eaten Michael Jackson.

No matter how much she gets trolled for her face modification, her face has helped her establish an extremely lucrative cosmetic business.

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