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Kylie’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Stormi Flaunts her $1200 Louis Vuitton!

Kylie’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Stormi Flaunts her $1200, Louis Vuitton!: Kylie Jenner recently shared the cutest video of daughter Stormi that has broken the internet. The video was of Stormi, where she was confidently looking in the mirror and killing her outfit.

Stormi’s New Video.

The 23-year-old billionaire proved that no one has sass as much as herself and her daughter. On September 8, she posted a video of Stormi walks up to a mirror and puts one hand on her head as she strikes a pose and admires herself.

Stormi flaunting her Louis Vitton

It’s not just Stormi’s confidence people tripping over, but the $1200 multicoloured Louis Vuitton purse. Although, there’s no doubt this makeup freak can afford tons of bags like this.

Kylie Is Obsessed.

The little Kylie is wearing a white T-shirt with matching white biker shorts. She paired up the entire look with white socks and sneakers, and she’s carrying a mini multicolouredΒ Louis VuittonΒ purse that’s $1200.


Kylie captioned the video as ‘this kind of energy’ appreciating her daughter’s confidence. After the video went off on the internet, people went wild complimenting and commenting on the 2-year-old. Β With some saying it is the best video they saw today and admiring her cuteness.


Kylie’s latest video of Stormi comes four days after she showed off the happiest photos and killing in her sexy outfit. Kylie can’t stop being obsessed with her 2-year-old with now and then posting about her daughter. She also posts a lot of cute pictures of Stormi on Snapchat as well.


It is not just Kylie who is obsessed with Stormi but also father, Travis Scott. He has also shared numerous posts that show her baby off. One of his latest included a video that featured the little fashionista wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt while holding daddy’s hand and flaunting her beautiful smile.

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