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La Liga Resume With Sevilla And Real Betis

La Liga
Source: The Hindu

La Liga Resume To Action

La Liga Resume With Sevilla And Real Betis: More than three months have passed since La Liga decided to temporarily shut down the league. The reason behind this was the Coronavirus pandemic. La Liga is the name of the league that takes place in Spain. Spain was severely affected by the virus, but the study shows that the country has surpassed the peak point. More than 2, 40, 000 people got infected with the virus in Spain, but now the cases increase by approximately 50 on a daily basis. It took Spain 3 months to bring down the cases, and the league was shut till that time.

La Liga Resume With Sevilla And Real Betis
Source: The Hindu

Precautions Taken For La Liga

The decision was taken after getting a green light from Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to start the league. However, the games will be played in empty stadiums as a precautionary measure. A statement from La Liga gave more light on the restart of the league. The statement said,

“At a meeting of the contact group they form alongside the CSD, the Spanish soccer federation (RFEF) and La Liga have agreed to the format of the final 11 rounds of fixtures of La Liga and the second division. The competition will restart on the weekend of June 13 and 14, with the first match being Sevilla’s game with Real Betis on Thursday, June 11. The last round of matches will take place, provisionally and depending on the evolution of the virus, on the weekend of July 18 and 19.”

First Match Of La Liga Post Break

The first match of La Liga post-break took place on June 11 2020. The match took place between Sevilla and Real Betis. It was a little unusual to watch an empty stadium with unusual silence. The match looked pale as La Liga is known for its die-hard fans who fill the stadium with their presence. Sevilla won the match with a score of two goals to nil with the first goal was a penalty from Lucas Ocampos in the 56th minute. The second goal came in the 62nd minute from Fernando.

La Liga Resume With Sevilla And Real Betis
Source: Sky Sports

Table Standings Of La Liga Before Coronavirus Break

This year of La Liga was no different than its previous seasons. The two giants of La Liga- Barcelona and Real Madrid are in contention to win the title as Barcelona is at the top with 58 points, two more than that of second-placed Real Madrid. It is interesting to note that Atletico Madrid is nowhere close to the top and is in the sixth position. Sevilla has taken up the third place behind Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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