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Lady Gaga Talks About Her Depression And Mental Trauma Of Fame

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Depression And Traumas of Fame

Lady Gaga Talks About Her Depression And Mental Trauma Of Fame: The subject of her Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga has long used her massive platform as modern pop icon to advocate for mental health. Recently, the 11-time Grammy winner opened up about her emotional traumas, which influenced her sixth Chromatica studio album. 
She disclosed her past suicide brushes on Sunday. She told Lee Cowan how fame had influenced her mental health on Sunday Morning.
Lady Gaga talks about depression and trauma of fame.
“I used to wake up in the morning, and I would realize I was ‘Lady Gaga.’ And then I became very depressed and sad, and I didn’t want to be myself. I felt threatened by the things my career brought into my life and the pace of my life,” the 34-year-old singer told the magazine.”

She Turned Her Depression Into Something She Loves-“Music”


Her new album’s central theme is to find the light of resilience in the dark. It is music which helped her come out of a very dark time in her life. She wanted to tell her story through the lyrics to the world.
In the Billboard interview, Gaga expressed how she dreaded leaving the house and spent her days chain-smoking and crying.
She is trying to flip the light back on inside her. She expressed how she was trying to peel the layers of the onions in the therapy. It was hard, and as she got closer to the core, she realized the centre of the onion stinks.

“The 34-year-old said she contemplated suicide daily: ‘I didn’t really understand why I should live other than to be there for my family. That was an actual real thought and feeling: “Why should I stick around?”

She added that it is not easy to show people suffering or depression. We cannot tell people that we are not well hurting myself.

Mental Health is invisible, and thus people cannot see what a person suffering from mental health issues goes through.

She talked about the songs where she gave reference to her mental problems she was going through. She started blaming her piano for ruining her life and making her Lady Gaga. Fame made her feel sick. She was tired and gave up on herself.

 She found her way through the battle she has been fighting with the help of the album for which she won three MTV Video Music Awards.

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