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Lala Kent And Randall Emmett Marriage Delay Due To Coronavirus Makes Them Try For A Baby !

Lala Kent And Randall Emmett
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Lala Kent And Randall Emmett Are Trying For A Baby

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett were going to get married in April before the coronavirus came into the picture and ruined the plans of everyone on earth including them. However, they decided to push the date as they remain inside their house doing nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. The two are actually using this postponement to get pregnant and welcome a new member into their lives. Randall did not shy away from revealing that the two are trying a lot to ensure pregnancy.

Randall Emmett Describes Their Use Of Technology For Ensuring Pregnancy

Before you all start thinking anything nasty, this is how Randall and Lala are using technology for pregnancy. Randall revealed that his fiancΓ© is on apps like Flo that shows the days in which she is ovulating. This helps them to give it a try when she is likely to get pregnant. Randall said, β€œ’We are on the Flo app. We are on the apps. Lala, whatever day it is, she comes in, she says, “Give me a baby!” and then I hop right to it.” Randall was previously married to You actress, Ambyr Childers.

Randall Emmett Talks About Postponement Of Wedding With Lala Kent

Randall revealed how they were planning to get married in April before things went haywire due to coronavirus. Next, they were planning for a September/October wedding but even that looks like a far-fetched idea. Talking about this, he said, β€œIt was this weird thing because it was April, obviously, and then we pushed it to September or October. And we thought that life would be somewhat back to normal [by then].” Little did he know that things would get much worse from what it was in April.

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Randall Emmett Agrees He Was Considering A Small Ceremony

Randall Emmett agreed that at one point he just thought of having an intimate ceremony with really close friends by his side. However, Lala made her realize that it was not something he actually wanted and was just his desperation to get married. He described that his wife said to him, β€œ, you don’t want that version of this wedding. So we need to do the right thing.”You don’t want that version of this wedding. So we need to do the right thing.”‘


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