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Landon Clifford And Camryn Clifford Went Through A Rough Patch Before Landon Committed Suicide !

Landon and Camryn
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Why Did Camryn Clifford Decide To Tell The Story Of Landon Clifford’s Death

Camryn Clifford decided to reveal the story behind the death of her husband Landon Clifford. She made it clear that he hung himself as an attempt to take his own life. After a week-long battle in a coma, he eventually passed away. However, there is a reason why Camryn decided to make the YouTube video revealing the story of her husband’s death. She said, β€œIf he knew everything that would follow after he did what he did, he wouldn’t have. That’s why I am here to tell his story because there are so many people out there who need to hear about what comes after.”

Landon Clifford Donates His Organs After His Death

Landon Clifford was a person who might not have loved his life. However, he realized that there are people who live their life even under struggle. All they need is some hope to live through the pain. Landon had already pledged his organs before his death. So maybe he can live through other people. Talking about his giving nature, his wife Camryn said, β€œHe always put others above himself. Even in death, he was caring about people.”

Landon Clifford And Camryn Clifford Were Going Through Marital Problems

Camryn revealed in her video that their marriage had taken a hit after the birth of their second child. At a young age of 19, the couple welcomed their second child this May. However, they realized the responsibilities of parents after the birth of the second time. They even had a time when the two decided to live separately and take some time off each other. It was after they resolved their issues that Landon committed suicide.

Camryn Clifford’s Latest Video Comes With A Trigger Warning

Camryn Clifford’s video revealing the reason behind her husband’s death came with a warning at the start of the video. She gave a disclaimer that people sensitive to mental health issues should avoid the video if they feel it might affect them. The video revealed every small doubt regarding the death of Landon Clifford.

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