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Latest Updates On Release Date Of GTA 6!

Source; Daily Star

GTA 5 On PS5

Very recently, PlayStation released PS5, which the whole gaming world was waiting for. There were many questions raised relating to the look of the console. It was very different from what the company has offered in the past. When the event began for the release of PS5, It began with the logo of Rockstar, the company behind the GTA game franchise as well as Dead Redemption Franchise. The hopes of many fans went up simultaneously expecting an addition in the GTA franchise. However, they were left disappointed when they got to know that the company will introduce GTA 5 itself for the new console.

Source: Rockstar

PS5 Release Gives Indication About GTA 6 Future

Even when fans were a little disappointed, they were happy to know that GTA 5 will come with some exciting new updates. They will update the game with technical and visual improvements. However, this also indicates something about GTA 6. It could mean that GTA 6 is far from ready at the moment, and it is unlikely to come anytime soon. Jason Schreier, a games journalist, made this deduction. He said, “I think GTA 5 coming out next year to PS5 is evidence of that, [and if that isn’t evidence of a later GTA 6 release] then I don’t know what else is.”

When Can Fans Expect The Release Date Of GTA 6?

As per Jason, the fans should not expect the game to come anytime soon. In fact, he even suggested that people may have to wait till 2022 or 2023 for the release. He said, “I will say, that I know a lot of people out there, especially a lot of avid GTA fans, probably skewing younger have been upset because I said that GTA 6 was in kinda early development and won’t be out for a few years. Because GTA 6 is a ways away. Like, I wouldn’t expect that game until maybe the end of 2022, 2023. I think [that’s more realistic] for a game like that.”

Source: Daily Star

Fans Reaction To GTA 6 Delay

Fans of the franchise have already lost their cool due to the delay in its next version. Jason earlier commented that the game was in the early development stage. This also did not go down well with GTA lovers for they have waited enough for GTA 6.

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