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Laura Amy Delights Her Instagram Family In A Slinky Leopard-Print Mini Dress

Laura Amy Delights Her Instagram Family In A Slinky Leopard-Print Mini Dress: The American fitness model, Laura Amy, made everyone jealous of her ideal figure. Her latest Instagram post shows her wearing a slinky leopard-print mini dress. She is posing for a sultry mirror selfie that captured her seductive body almost in full.

Laura is undoubtedly a wild child as she captioned her Instagram photo. Plenty of skin was on display, with her one-shoulder dress. The dress flaunted her graceful arms and toned legs. A flirty cutout on the side teased her midriff.

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Laura Amy in the frame

She posed with her hot body against the wall, with one leg forward. We see how she has held her phone up with one hand in front of her midsection while lifting the other arm to her head.

It showed her forearm tattoo on a show for her audience to appreciate. The brunette gazes into the mirror with a smoking look, softly pressing her soft lips in a mushy tantalizing way.


The tight-fitting dress emphasized on all of her assets. The dress complemented her bold voluptuous body. The dress consisted of alternating patches of energetic blue and beige- the latter of which was nearly the same colour as Laura’s bronzed skin. The outfit was from the famous fashion brand I.Am.Gia, which she made sure by tagging in her photo.

Her blonde highlights and perfectly chic manicured featured her more.

Laura took the photo in her home; the background showed the familiar sight of her hallway, and kitchen island. The white painted walls and ceilings looked ivory under the warm, golden spotlight shining down from the top. The pastel decor made her outfit genuinely pop.

In just one hour, the photo reached more than 2,870 likes. Laura’s followers made sure to compliment her in addition to nearly 150 messages.

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