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Law Student Falls Off The Bridge While Fleeing Burning Car

Azra Kemal
via The Mirror

Law Student Falls Off The Bridge While Fleeing Burning Car:Β Recently, a young Law Student died while fleeing off her burning car. Around fifteen days back, Azra Kemal, a 24-year-old died in a freak accident near Tonbridge, England.

Kemal was on her way home after a night out with friends when her car engine burst out in flames.

The Freak Accident

Around fifteen days back, Azra was out with her friends late at night and then was coming back with her 31-year-old male friend in the car. While she was on the bridge, her engine burst out into flames.

Azra's parents
via The Mirror

She immediately flagged down help and instantly fell through the 10ft gap between the two carriageways on the Medway Viaduct. Witnesses saw Azra escaping from the burning car.

It understood that Azra climbed over the barrier in the darkness thinking there was a central reservation between them.

While talking about her daughter, Nevres Kemal, 56, said:

“She climbed up, and there was no concrete. This reservation was not there. She was still alive. The guy jumped down and could not see her. She said0 Don’t leave me here. Her last words were- don’t let me die.”

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The Inquest

On Thursday, coroner Alan Blundson opened an inquest at County Hall in Maidstone, Kent. Here, Azra’s death held for multiple and severe injuries. The authorities identified Azra, a graduate of Whetstone shortly around 2:30 am on 16th July.

Azra Kemal
via mirror.co.uk

During the talk, Alan Blundson said:

“The occupants escaped after the vehicle caught fire by unknown means before witnesses travelling past saw two people on the carriageway approaching the central reservation.”

After that, an off-duty nurse saw the car and immediately called the paramedics who attended Azra. However, she was pronounced dead at 3:20 am.

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Azra’s Family Speaks

No parent wants to outlive their child and Nevres Kemal, a heartbroken mother of a gorgeous child, has to live the rest of her life without her daughter. While recalling Azra, Nevres broke down and said:

“There is no life in the home. She was really and truly the air I breathe. That is all I live for, for her. Azra was such a giver, she was bright and feisty. She was my world. I can’t cry anymore. She doted on me, and I doted on her. She was a beautiful soul.”

Truly, Azra was taken in a flash, and we can’t begin to tell how unfortunate this freak accident might’ve been for her parents. We hope her parents heal from this tumultuous loss and open their hearts again. Rest in Peace Azra Kemal.


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