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Learning How To Fight Against Systemic Racism!


George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmad Arbery. Trayvon Martin. And many more names adding to the list being discriminated by the race. These names remind us how much work we need to do on ourselves. On the society we live in and now is the time to fight against racism and social injustice until it ends.

The systemic racism and inequality have been alive for the founding of civilization. Especially in the US, racism is at its best. But hopefully, after George Floyd’s death by police is a call for an end to all the discrimination of race.


Education plays a crucial role in the economic mobility ensuring greater economic opportunity. But some of the quality schools tracking black students into less prestigious avenues of study. In 1996, a UNESCO global commission chaired by Jacques De Lors released a report four purposes of education. The report is known as the “De Los Report”.

The four purposes are –

1. Learning to know: The broad general knowledge on a small number of subjects with an opportunity to work.
2. Learning to do: To acquire occupational skills as well as the competence to deal with any situation and to work in teams.
3. Learning to be: To develop personality and to be able to act with judgment, autonomy, and personal responsibility.
4. Learning to live together: To develop understanding between people and an appreciation of interdependence.


So, these four purposes remain extremely urgent and relevant today. We must educate ourselves with these four principles to understand and respect each other differences. Luckily there are good numbers of organizations working on this mindset of racism to change.

On June 6, Saturday, Sesame Street and CNN hosted a town-hall meeting “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism.” Also, the new Smithsonian Museum of African American History and culture took the initiative to educate everyone about the race. It has a host of resources for parents and families, adults, young people, schools, educators, students to talk about races in the country.

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