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LeBron James Tells NBA That He Is Ready To Get Back In The Game!

LeBron James in the frame
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

LeBron James Tells NBA That He Is Ready To Get Back In The Game!:Β NBA star LeBron James does not need any introduction. The 35-year-old basketball player is known for his victory in National Basketball Association i-e NBA in 2012.

LeBron plays for Los Angeles Lakers and plays the small forward. The player has always been a sports fanatic and continues to play the best of his abilities. This year, due to the global pandemic, NBA season got postponed. It was a hard blow for basketball fans. However, the NBA season is getting resumed, and James can’t contain his excitement!

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Let us dig into the details of the new season and LeBron James.

LeBron James Tells NBA That He Is Ready To Get Back In The Game!

Now that the new NBA season is coming, LeBron James is ready to get back in the game! It is evident from King James’ Instagram post that he’s put the rest of NBA on notice. The King wrote on his Instagram post,

“WAR READY!!! #RevengeSeasonContinuesSoon.”

LeBron James on the court
Source: Silver Screen and Roll

Before the pandemic put NBA season on hold, James had put together an MVP- Caliber season. During the NBA’s 17th season, James’ average was 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and a career-best 10.6 assists. He took over the primary ball-handing duties in Los Angeles.

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LeBron During Social Distancing

The King’s social distancing/ quarantine life wasn’t much different from his usual life. Well, except for frequent basketball matches, everything was almost the same.

LeBron James during Quarantine
Source: South China Morning Post

He rocked the quarantine by growing a beard and long hair. But, he used this free time to stay in shape! James worked throughout the quarantine as he practised for his future matches.

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LeBron James: Other Details

Lakers coach Frank Vogul announced in a recent press conference that he is excited to see LeBron James and other basketball players play again. He said,

“You come in, and, you don’t expect what it’s going to feel like to see those guys, but watching them work and to see what they’re capable of doing, and just thinking back of where we were at. It gives me a great deal of confidence about what we are about to endure in terms of going down to Orlando and closer to the playoff setting and into the playoffs, what we accomplish. Just watching those guys gives me a great deal of confidence.”

Well, coach Frank is not wrong! Seeing LeBron and his teammates working is a bonus for basketball fans as it takes us one step closer to them!

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