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Legally Blonde: Checkout The Most Memorable Moments From The Reunion!

Checkout The most Memorable moments From Legally Blonde Reunion!
Source: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

Chloe Finman, the Saturday Night Live star, hosted the Legally Blonde reunion which streamed on Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine YouTube channel. It depicted original cast members which include:

  • Selma Blair (Vivian Kensington)
  • Jessica Cauffiel (Margot)
  • Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette BonafontΓ©)
  • Matthew Davis (Warner Huntington III)
  • Ali Larter (Brooke Taylor Windham)
  • Holland Taylor (Professor Stromwell)
  • Alanna Ubach (Serena McGuire)
  • Luke Wilson (Emmett Richmond)
  • Witherspoon (Elle Woods)

There were many hilarious moments, such as Holland’s Taylor breakdown scene. So, let us talk about some other memorable moments from Legally Blonde reunion.

Matthew Davis Was Frightened By Elle Woods

Davis, who was seen in the role of Warner Huntington III, revealed that he was quite intimidated by Elle Woods. He felt scared like s**t when they shot together for the very first time. Elle’s energy and personality was so inspiring and frightening at the same time for him. Matthew realised that all his choices were wrong.

Selena Blair Just Had To Make Faces In The Audition

Selma Blair, who played the part of Vivian Kensingston, revealed that she just had to make faces in the audition. For the whole audition, she was supposed to bring out the defeated look on her face.

Jennifer Coolidge Realised That Reese Witherspoon Remained In The Character

Jennifer Coolidge revelation was one of the most interesting. She said that the Reese Witherspoon remained in her character for a long time. For instance, Jennifer recalled a moment at craft services. Her mouth was stuffed with doughnuts as Reese walked in.

Coolidge said that she couldn’t stop eating doughnuts. Reese gave her a look and said that she shouldn’t eat then. Jennifer realised that Reese was still in the character as she said, “Oh my God, she’s her character at the craft services table.”

Jessica Cauffiel Helped Alanna Ubach In Getting The Part

Jessica Cauffiel helped Alanna Ubach to get the role of Serena. Alanna did not even have the money to pay her rent at that time. Jessica went into the bathroom before auditioning for her part. There, she found Alanna. Ubach was putting a lip gloss but didn’t like it.

So, she asked Cauffiel if she had a red lipstick with her and whether she was an actress. Jessica told her that she was auditioning for the role of Margot and helped her in getting selected for the audition.

Ali Larter Changed Her Mind And Auditioned For Brook Windham’s Character

Ali Larter thought of becoming one of the sorority girls at the time of audition. However, her mind was changed as she went for Brooke Windham. Larter also loved the character of Brooke and worked hard to get the part.

She further added, β€œThis is what this movie meant to me, is that anyone could be who they wanted to be.”

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