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Legendary Indian Singer SP Balasubrahmanyam Or SPB Passes Away

Source: BBC

SP Balasubrahmanyam Or SPB Passes Away At The Age Of 74

Indian legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam or commonly known as SPB expired after a long battle with coronavirus. He was one of the veterans of the Indian music industry and is regarded as one of the greatest in India. His loss comes as a significant loss to the industry, and the whole entertainment industry is mourning his defeat at the moment. He was diagnosed with coronavirus, and things got serious in his case. SPB was put under a life support system, but he did not show any signs of improvement. His wife and kids survive him.

Source: BBC

Kamal Haasan Mourns The Loss Of SPB

Kamal Hasaan was probably the last person from the industry to visit SPB as he met him in the hospital just yesterday. He would feel lucky to get a glimpse of a legendary singer before he left the world. After his death, Kamal said:

β€œIt wasn’t not just because he was someone who I regarded highly but because he had been with me during my high and my low. He was so emotional about me that even when you say nice things about me, he would start feeling emotional and that’s one reason why, in case you want to make SPB cry, you just say nice things about me and you will see him wiping away his tears.”

The Loss Of SPB Saddens Rajnikanth

Rajnikanth was the next in line which has used the voice of SPB in movies, lip-syncing to the music done correctly. He put out a whole video expressing his grief and also tweeted:

β€œBalu sir … you have been my voice for many years … your voice and your memories will live with me forever … I will truly miss you …”

Source: Indian Express

SPB Tested Negative For COVID

SPB was eventually tested negative for coronavirus. However, even though the virus left him, his body could never recover from it, and he continued to be on life support. Eventually, things got worse, and he eventually left the world.

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