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Legion Cancelled After Just Three Seasons! Get To Know Why…

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The entertainment industry has been a roll since the start of 2020. We got to witness several new releases throughout the past few months. As per reports, there are still many shows in the pipeline.

Simultaneously, production houses have dropped many shows too. LegionΒ is one such show. Legion debuted onΒ FXΒ on 8th February. The show has gone on to air for three consecutive seasons and has managed to grab attention from fans all over.Legion Will Come To An End After 3 Seasons | Gizmodo Australia

Legion revolves around a troubled young man namedΒ David Haller (Dan Stevens) diagnosed with schizophrenia. The show follows his journey from one mental institution to others and his love story with Syd (Rachel Keller) a fellow patient. After a startling encounter with her, David realizes that the voices in his head and the visions he sees may be real.

With the IMDb rating of 8.3/10 and the Tomatometer at 91%, the show has been a smash hit. Unfortunately, FX has the Legion cancelled after just three seasons.

Legion Cancelled After Three Seasons

Legion was renewed for a third season in June 2018. In February 2019, the show’s creatorΒ Noah HawleyΒ said that the third season will be the final season in the series. The third final season premiere on June 24, 2019.Legion Season 3: Is David Haller Forgivable After What He ...

Legion gained immense popularity because of the beautifully crafted plot and sequences. The show followed the journey of a powerful mutant in David Haller as he tries to understand the limitless powers and psychic and telekinetic abilities that reside within him. The cancellation of the show has left fans around the globe disappointed. The show had the perfect blend of action, sci-fi, thriller, tragedy, and superhero. In addition to that, the show was widely praised for its VFX, direction, storyline, and cinematography.

Will Legion Return For Season 4?

As per Noah Crawley, the third season was meant to be the conclusion to the sci-fi show. Similarly, many people have said that the show has been given a perfect conclusion.

At the same time, many have claimed the reason behind the show’s cancellation was the declining viewership. Just asΒ Netflix revivedΒ Lucifer,Β people are hopeful for Legion to meet the same fate.β€˜Legion’ renewed for Season 3 by FX – TV By The Numbers by ...

TheΒ Disney+Β streaming service is releasing later this year. However, the chances that Disney will revive the show are highly unlikely.


Legion Seasons 1-3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

Will There Be A Legion Season 4?

As all the fans may be eager to see how David’s life would have displayed without the influence of the Shadow King. But the entire goal of Season 3 will be finding a way to conclude David’s story,Β Noah Hawley had a specific, three-act narrative to tell, andΒ that has now been told. So,Β LegionΒ season 4 isn’t going to happen.


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