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LG’s Velvet Phone Is The Kick Off For The Company’s Refurbish Design Strategy!

LG's Velvet

LG brings forth it’s flagship phone called the LG VELVET. Speculations are there that it will be the most featured phone ever made by LG. The company is revealing as much as little information about LG’s Velvet. Critics claim that it can be a breakthrough in the smartphone industry.

LG’s Velvet: Story Behind The Name

In a press release, the company explained that the Velvet is the first device that will launch as part of its new branding strategy. Specifically, it’s “moving away from alphanumerical designations in favour of familiar and expressive names,” and emphasizing design instead.

I’m glad all of this is coming from a company that named their last phone the LG V60 ThinQ. It’s something that I avoid saying out loud at all costs because it’s genuinely a mouthful.

LG's Velvet
The new LG Velvet 5G flagship mobile is releasing soon.

LG’s Velvet: Closed The Entry Of G-Series

After the release of LG G8 THINQ, follow-ups like LG G9 were expected. But after the announcement of LG VELVET, all speculations about it ended. Hence, no more G-SERIES phones are expected to come anymore.

Likely Features

According to Korean news site Naver, the G9 would’ve been a midrange device. It was to include the Snapdragon 765 chipset complete with 5G connectivity.
But this could have been a little bit pricey with fewer features.

All those features decided for the G9 are now reserved for the LG VELVET. The phone will have a classic, sober design to invest more in the interior characteristics.

LG's Velvet
The stunning design of the new LG Velvet which will be released soon.

The phone will have a RAINDROP designed camera in which three cameras with LED flash will be aligned in descending order of their size, which will eventually look like raindrops. For the edge design, LG is introducing a “3D Arc Design” in which the edges will be curved symmetrically to give a smooth finish look.

According to the company, the primary camera will be slightly higher than the surface while the other cameras will be beneath the glass. However, LG hasn’t said anything about the internal features or specifications which looms as a mystery.

The launch date is also concealed, but according to Naver, it is likely to launch in mid-spring or on May 15 this year.

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