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Light Escaping From A “Black Hole” May Boomerang Its Way To Freedom. X-Ray Images Reveal

Black Hole
Black Hole

Light Escaping From A “Black Hole” A new study has found how black holes are releasing brilliant flairs of light. An instrument aboard the International Space StationΒ has helped in revealing this. A study was conducted by a team ofΒ NASAΒ astronauts a few months back depicting how the black hole responds to its surroundings. This study was conducted using NASA’s Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NSICE).

New X-Ray images have revealed that light escaping from a black hole may boomerang its way into freedom. Things are known for getting weird around the black hole. A black hole is known for siphoning material from its partner star named XTE J1550-564.

Light Particles May Boomerang Their Way To Freedom

Black Hole
Black Hole

Cosmic objects exert a strong gravitational pull around a black hole which is irresistible to light particles. NASA’s orbiting Chandra X-observatory had captured images of light escaping from the black hole last year. These colors are the ones that are emitted by the mysterious region of our milky way.

The green and blue regions were the X-Ray images with higher energy while red sections depict regions with low levels of radiation energy. Through a technique similar to echolocation. scientists were able to map the region around a distant black hole. Scientists have been using X-ray echoes to get a deeper peek at the black hole

This has revealed that light can indeed escape through a black hole into space. Using the study conducted, the scientists charted out a map using the behavior of the lights. Through this, they built an alleged path which the light follows once it has escaped from the black hole. But the escaped light didn’t exactly follow the predicted path. While escaping, the light was pulled back to the black hole and reflected away from the disk just like a BOOMERANG!

According to researchers, some light escaping the black hole may have said to been originated inside the black hole before being dragged back and released.

This discovery has paved the way for scientists for finding out new things about the black hole. One such thing is the speed at which they spin. “It perhaps is more reliable for us to determine how fast they spin”, Riley Connors said in an interview.

He further added, “We’re starting to look at data from other black holes; we have data from multiple X-ray satellites for dozens of these systems in our galaxy”.



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