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Lili Reinhart Gives The Reason Why She Didn’t Come Out Earlier As Bisexual !

Lili Reinhart
Source: People

Lili Reinhart Comes Out As Bisexual In June

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse were dating for a long time before the couple decided to go separate ways. However, in June, Lili decided to come out as bisexual. She put out a story of confirming her participation in a protest of LGBTQ for Black Lives Matter. In the story, she said, “Although I’ve never announced it publicly before, I am a proud bisexual woman. And I will be joining this protest today. Come join.” That was the first time the Riverdale actress made an announcement regarding her sexuality.

Lili Reinhart's Message
Source: Lili Reinhart/Instagram

Lili Reinhart Reveals Why She Didn’t Come Out Before

Lili gave the reason behind why she didn’t come out before in a recent interview. She has always been in a heterosexual relationship and coming out as a bisexual earlier would seem fake to the people and the media. However, after breaking up with Cole, she thought it was the right time to come out. She said, “I felt that since I’ve exclusively been in hetero-normative relationships, it would be too easy for any outsider, especially the media, to vilify me and accuse me of faking it to get attention.”

Close Friends Of Lili Reinhart Knew About Her Sexuality

Lili also made it clear that her sexuality was not a thing that she kept as a secret from everyone. Anyone close to her and inside her inner circle knew that she was a bisexual. Her friends have been kind enough to keep this as a secret until Lili herself decided to come out. Talking about this, she said, “But to my close friends and those in my life, my bisexuality has been no secret.”

Lili Reinhart
Source: People

Lili Reinhart Knew About Her Sexuality From A Very Young Age

Lili recently opened up about her announcement as bisexual. She revealed that she knew about her attraction to women from a very young age. She also opened about her role in the Black Lives Matter protest and said, “And I felt that it was lame to keep reposting what everyone else is posting so I asked myself: ‘Okay, what do I have to offer?'”

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