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Lili Reinhart: “Riverdale”Lili Reinhart opens up about her thoughts


Lili Reinhart: The Recent Breakup

Lili Reinhart had broken up with her Riverdale” co-star Cole Sprouse. Even though they had parted ways in March, the news is yet around.

Lili Reinhart with her Riverdale” co-star Cole Sprouse

Cole had shared an Instagram post to clarify everyone that the couple had split, but the “Riverdale” actress had not spoken about it yet.

In one of the recent headlines, she read that she was heartbroken from the breakup and felt like she was dying. She took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the breakup.

But you can’t shut the mouths of people if you are a Hollywood star, with 25 million Instagram followers. Lili has finally opened up from speaking about her sexuality, depression and other things that had held her down.

Amidst The Pandemic

The whole world has been isolated a d had been shut down into quarantine, guess Lili had used this time to open up and come forward.

Lili Reinhart

She shared her thoughts and admitted, “This pandemic has been incredibly hard, and it’s hard to stay positive, I want to post sad songs on my Instagram just like everyone else does. But I hold myself back, because I know I have millions of people watching me who want to dig through every little thing I post and try to figure out the meaning behind it.”

 “Riverdale” had shut down production in Vancouver in March, Reinhart has mostly spent her time alone to herself. She takes the quarantine as an opportunity — writing in her journal, learning how to meditate, meeting weekly with a therapist, reading self-help books.

Fighting with depression

The actress opened up about herself feeling a lot of depression and that she wanted to find the root of it.  She said, “Now when I feel something come up, I let it come out. Because otherwise, it’s literally harming my body and my brain. Allow your body to feel what it feels. That is literally how you heal.”

Lili Reinhart, debut poetry book “Swimming Lessons.”

Reinhart revealed that she’d had depression since she was 13. Since then, it’s become something she feels fans identify her by — a responsibility she has mixed feelings about. She had recently released a debut poetry book “Swimming Lessons”.
she writes in “Swimming Lessons”:
People wish for me to be this
trailblazing girl.
The one who has marked out a
the path for others to follow
on how to be happy,
how to fight when your limbs feel broken.
Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

Recently she had also taken up a new project, “Chemical Hearts,” a film for which she channelled her own battle with depression.

Sexual assault experience

When Lili Reinhart and many of her co-stars were accused of sexually assaulted by an anonymous account, she had taken to Twitter to share her opinion.

Lili even opened up about being assaulted by someone who had been superior to her. In 2017, Reinhart took to her Tumblr account to write about a negative experience she’d had in the industry when she was 16.

To spread the message of body positivity.

She even said that she wasn’t forced to do the scene. Though Reinhart clarified she wasn’t forced to shoot the sequence (“I did it because it was my job,” she said), she “felt bad” about herself for filming it.

Lili Reinhart, Riverdale

But she realised that she can’t she was in a complicated situation as believing in body positively she could not back off from this situation. She felt that she could preach something when she wasn’t willing to face the situation.

She explained that “So even if I’m not feeling amazing about my body, I felt it was important for me to do the scene anyway in my bra and underwear so people could see my body as it was. I did it for the people who feel like they need to look a certain way.”

Lili Instagram post

She even opened up on Instagram, sharing about her being bisexual.

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