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Live PD Updates : Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Every Other Update For Season 4 Episode 59

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What Is Live PD?

American law enforcement has always been under the spotlight. Hosted byΒ Dan Abrams, Live PDΒ is an American unscripted television show that focuses only on the police in the United States Of America. The show debuted onΒ A&E NetworkΒ on 28 October 2016. Since its release, the show has been a huge success and has gone to air for four consecutive seasons.

The show aims to present a transparent look at law enforcement officers while on duty. It showcases a combination of rural and urban policemen and women on weekend nights.Β  LIVE PD has been about law enforcement making sure that everyone is safe and sound. Dashcam footages, live-action camera, car chase, and gun battles are what the fans live to see. And LIVE PD has done a spot-on job on providing them with every piece of the action for four seasons.

With an IMDb rating of 8.4/10, the show has been a smash hit. The fourth season of the show is currently airing with 58 episodes completed already.

The 59th episode will be releasing on Saturday, April 25.


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What To Expect From Season 4: Episode 59?

Every episode of LIVE PD has been interesting. And episode 59 will be keeping up with the trend as well. The new episode will feature police from both urban and rural police departments.

Live PD Season 4 Episode 59: Release Date, Spoilers and ...

Live PD Season 4: Episode 59 will air on April 25 and will be of 2 hours long. In the wake of the chaos caused by the pandemic, this show will be hosted from home itself by host Dan Abrams with his group of analysts Tom Morris Jr. and Sean Sticks.Β  Only 6 departments will be featuring in this new episode.

Cast For Episode 59?

As mentioned above, only 6 departments will be featuring in the new episode. This is how the cast stands : (Departments and Officers)

  • Officer Matt HickeyΒ from the Lawrence P.D
  • Corporal Steve Zubkoff and Corporal Corinthian GreenΒ from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sgt Glenn HeneganΒ from the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office
  • Sgt Mark Medellin, Officer Eric Omahony and Officer Shreef ErfanΒ from the Pomona P.D
  • Lt. Grayson Kennedy and Deputy Charles DuvallΒ from the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office
  • Deputy Addy Perez and Lt. Danny Brown from Richland County Sheriff’s Office.

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Streaming Details

Season 4 Episode 59 titled “4.25.20” will release on Saturday, 25 April at 9 PM (U.S Time) ONLYΒ on A&E Network’s official website. Duration: 120 mins (2 hours). You can stream the new episode on Direct T.V and Google PlayΒ as well.



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