Lizzo Queen Corrects A Pap That Misgendered Demi Lovato

American star Lizzo Queen received tons of appreciation and love after her footage of correcting of paps from Demi Lovato went viral. Demi also came forward to show support to Lizzy for her act. Fans believed that this is exactly what our world needs right now. Fans cannot resist but shower extreme love and affection on her after she corrected a paparazzi. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Queen corrects the paparazzi by saying ‘Demi goes by they’. She did it exactly when the paparazzi misgendered her. Soon after the video clip of it went viral all over social media platforms. Fans went crazy after seeing how amazingly she handled the entire situation. They started praising her by giving her extreme love and affection. The entire fandom of Demi Lovato came forward to support Queen as well. And the best thing about it is Demi acknowledged the situation and showed her gratitude towards Queen as well.

The Comment

Demi who recently came out as non-binary didn’t shock the entire world as this was kind of expected. However, fans were extremely happy for her as she finally came out as who she is. She received a hell of a lot of support from her fans. She recently even performed at the YouTube session after which she was caught holding hands with Noah Cyrus. There was a romantic link between the two and rumors confirm that they are probably seeing each other at the moment.

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With all the support she is getting, Many people still miss understanding her gender. However, the recent act of Lizzo has generated a lot of positivity on the internet. Several fans started showering her comments section full of praises. With some confirming that they didn’t know her before but are a big fan of her now. And the list just goes on. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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