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Logan Paul Is Frustrated And Upset With His Girlfriend Josie Canseco. Check Out Why

Logan Paul and Josie in the frame
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Logan Paul Is Frustrated And Upset With His Girlfriend Josie Canseco. Check Out why
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Logan Is Upset With His Girlfriend Josie

Logan Paul Is Frustrated And Upset With His Girlfriend, Josie Canseco. Check Out Why: The famous YouTuber Logan Paul is in headlines because of his relationship with Josie Canseco these days. Logan is to be frustrated and overturned by her girlfriend. Fans were shocked to see a sphincter being a part of paul’s podcast.

Josie got accused of making random stories about Logan. Here is what Logan recent podcast on says.

β€œJosie has been taking her finger and putting it around my uhh b*tthole. It doesn’t stop so I came here as a man to express this to you people. because I am so confused.”

Paul Has A Question For Mike’s Girlfriend

After that, Logan went on to ask Mike’s girlfriend whether she also does like this to him. To that, she replied humorously. Josie went far with her boyfriend and has seen his entire private parts. Further, she said that she used to touch him while getting intimate with him.

Mike’s Girlfriend Went Way Too Far In her Comments

Mike wasn’t delighted with his girlfriend statement. He replied:

β€œYou want to explore the region, go ahead explore. Be a tourist. You want to drill for oil, no-no-no. You keep your drill bit out of the ground.”

To that, Logan commented that he gets furious when Josie tries to dig for the oil all of a sudden. Mike’s girlfriend still dared to reply. She said that there is also a male g-spot which induces pleasure.

Now, that was too much to digest. Ultimately, Logan asked if anyone’s else girlfriend girlfriends ever try to dig for oil or it was only Josie who likes to do it. Mike then suggested Josie that if she likes it, then she should do it with some sound effect.

Didn’t they all cross the lines to some extent? Like who talks like this when they know the fans and media are watching their actions.

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