Logan Paul’s Pokemon Game Goes Wrong, He Ends Up In The Hospital! Check it out now.
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Logan Paul’s Pokemon Game Goes Wrong, He Ends Up In The Hospital!

Logan Paul’s Pokemon Game Goes Wrong, He Ends Up In The Hospital!: Logan Paul is being in a lot of trouble recently after cops pulling out at his house on Sunday and then his Pokemon joke going wrong for which he ended up in the hospital. Check out everything you need to know.

The Pokemon Card Trouble

Recently the Pokemon card illustrator game is getting a lot of hype. Many YouTubers are buying tons of cards to see if they win the reward and so did Logan Paul. But it didn’t end in a good place because of Logan’s anger issues. He got his hand injured.

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Logan Paul also bought tons of Pokemon trading card and even wears the Pokemon costume to entertain the public of Los Angeles. According to the reports, he got a Pokemon card that claimed 2 million dollar piece reward.


However, after a few hours, he tweeted saying that he just found out that the $2M card was fake. And it made him very angry and so he punched the wall hard and even ended up in the hospital getting 3 stitches. With his tweet, he shared a picture of his hand that is injured with the Pokemon illustrated card.


Soon after Logan tweeted it, fans went crazy as everyone expected if you be a joke and a game. However, everyone knows the anger issues the Paul brothers can have. Fans have set him the best regards and well wishes for him.


However, this isn’t the first time Logan Paul did something so crazy. In fact, on Sunday cops pulled out to his house after a tress passer and a helicopter show up to his house. What do you think about the crazy incident?

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