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Loki Season 1: Airdate? Cast? First Look And Many More Spoiler Are Here!

Loki Season 1

Fans of Marvel Comics, make some noise for Loki! Yes, our mischievous God is getting a series on his own!. Let us talk about Loki Season 1

Loki is going to get his own series on Disney+

We all love Tom Hiddleston and I can bet we all look at his exclusive magazine pictures on Tumblr. Loki will appear in the post Avengers: Endgame period, for the series. Kate Herron will direct the series as Marvel Cinematic Universe is pitching in.

Loki will be counted along with the Marvel Studios movies because it is about an Avenger character, obviously. We will see Chris Hemsworth too as Thor too, because he is the brother.

Loki Season 1: Cast And Plot

Tom Hiddleston and Hemsworth have to be present since Loki is adopted by Thor. This timeline has not seen the Ragnarok and Dark World days from Thor’s movies in 2013 and 2017. Loki creates another timeline after the Endgame.

Sofia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha Raw and Owen Wilson are the other new cast members. We don’t know what roles they’ll be playing but let’s hope it’s good enough to be in Marvel movies.

Fans get first look at Disney+ upcoming series

A lot of effort has been put into looking after the fact that Loki’s own series looks like a continuity of the Marvel productions. It will have 6-8 episodes. A major leader in the storyline provided by Waldron, the head writer, is that he Loki will just show up throughout the Marvel movies’ history. Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

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Release Date

We know for a fact that MCU had this planned since 2018. Kate was not included in the production till 2019. The filming just began in early 2020 yet they had to pause the work in March.

‘Loki’ Disney+ Series Will Begin Filming Early Next Year …

The launch of Disney+ will probably give a boost to the series. This is because Loki Season 1 will be exclusively available there, now since Disney has its own individual app.

It is a bit difficult to release the series at the moment. The Coronavirus panic has to die down for a smooth production process. Till then, all we can be sure of is Loki screening around early 2021.

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