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Lola Consuelos Stuns Her Fans With Her New Instagram Post! Check Out!

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Lola Consuelos Stuns Her Fans With Her New Instagram Post! Check Out!: Live!” host Kelly (49) and “Riverdale” actor Mark Consuelos, daughter Lola Consuelos (19) is entirely private on her Instagram.


With getting a public Instagram account in 2019, we can’t understand, but if you have a figure worth being jealous for you can be a little private.

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Kelly daughter’s snap shared in her Instagram account.

Lola Consuelos’ Recent Instagram Snap

Lola recently shared an Instagram story for her 274,000 followers, stunning them in her graphic T-shirt and classic high-waisted jeans.

The tee designed by Paco Rabanne, and concerning him the tee, there was a neon sign that read “Paco Motel.”

Also, the tee had an illustration of a retro-looking motel with two cars in front.

Lola’s sun-kissed skin got highlighted with the help of the back shirt. The fabric consisted of a soft jersey knit, and the neckline was a classic crew style with welt finishing.

Also, the aspiring singer and musician were wearing a pair of classic denim jeans, with a mild- wash colour and pairing with a high-waisted contour cinched at her waist. It highlighted her figure.

The location for the shot appeared to be Via Carota in New York City’s West Village.

Lola And Her July Bikini Snaps

Lola might not have liked that her mother had posted her prom photos last year, she had a shy nature, but she came out very bold with her bikini look.


Source: Famous times
Kelly shared a snap of Lola in her Prom dress.

Consuelos was in a brunette rocking a high-waisted, white, and ribbed bandeau bikini in stretch fabrics. Her brown hair we’re left straight and the only accessory she was wearing was a luxe gold Cartier LOVE bangle on her right wrist.

Source: Hello Magazine
Lola’s Instagram snap in a bikini.

The snap was clicked in her pastel bedroom, with purple-hued walls and white furniture pieces, along a blue letter sign affixed to the wall.

Lola figure is classic with her perfect hips, to a flat stomach and incredible facial features inherited from her parents. She had made headlines when Kelly had posted her Pick of the prom.

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