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Looking For New Web Series To Binge During Lockdown

Web Series To Binge

Money Heist: About This Series

Looking For New Web Series To Binge, Do you know why Money Heist is one of the most trending series right now? Because it is full of all the excitement which we will never have in our lives. We love to watch a wild sequence with so much going on while we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Money heat involves crime, drama, and a lot of other thrilling things. If you love The Professor, I bet you’re in for some surprise. In the next season, we might see Sierra in a different view.

The next season is on its way and will reach us soon, but what do you plan on doing till then? Not like the lockdown is lifting anytime sooner. I hope you have a lot more interest in shows like these. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Web Series To Binge
Web Series To Binge

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I am absolutely in love with this series too! All its seasons, swarming over Colombia and then Mexico, Narcos will leave you shaking. You are in for some ride with Pablo Escobar first! I think it’s unfair how the man is dead, but he was a terrible being.

Though most of us might sympathize with him, I think there’s a lot of bad deed covering up for that.


Though this is a political thriller that involves the police department, I think it gives off similar vibes. It’s not exactly full of crimes, but mind you, it’s a criminal setup. Watch to find out!

Breaking Bad

I bet most of you have already seen this entire series. How does this fit here? Well, we have a similar chemistry professor here who is in control. He didn’t mean to turn for the worse, but life shows us paths that are thorny but worth it. I recommend Breaking Bad highly!

Peaky Blinders

How can we forget this amazing gang crime show? The most important thing is taken from a real-life series of stories! With obviously some modifications, you can now watch how the mind of criminal works like Tommy’s.

El Chapo

I think El Chapo, along with Narcos, fits the best. We have glimpses of Colombian crime and the drug lords. He is featuring yet another one- El Chapo. He will lead you in prison and use his tunnels, which will never allow you to go off-hook. Once you start watching this series, there’s no going back. It will keep you occupied for a long time.

There are a lot of other shows with a similar background. You can try SeΓ±ora Acero, Queen Of South and Power too. Happy streaming!

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