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Louis Is Sharing His Thoughts After Spending Time With The Tiger Kings, Says About Carole ‘Seems Very Unlikely’?

Louis Theroux 

We all must be very familiar with Louis, the man with whom we must have got through a documentary, even if it was just one time. As a BBC filmmaker, he once made one with the Tiger Kings 9 years ago.

America’s Most Dangerous Pets is an interesting enough show and in this particular one was about the Tiger King.
After the release of the Netflix Show about the Tiger King, Louis shares some of his own golden experience.

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Joe Not-So-Exotic

Joe was the Tiger King who turned out to be deceiving and fraudulent. He is sentenced to jail till 2042. The Tiger King ended up in jail for multiple reasons- selling lemurs and baby tigers, developing fraudulent documents for these transactions, etc. Recently it was confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus.


Louis shares how self centered the Joe was. Louis had to often lie about how much he liked spending time with the guy. Once the tiger king tried to shut down the documentary process because he was afraid about criticism. Sound suspicious, doesn’t it?

The Carole Baskin Drama

Joe and Carole are closely related, if we follow the series. In the show by Joe, he had accused and considered the possibility that Carole could have killed her own husband back in the days, after he disappeared in 1997.

Apparently Joe had to hire a hitman in order to wipe out his rival. This man was absolutely serious about hating Baskin, and even promised a raise in the reward if the hitman could successfully kill the target. All these plans were uncovered and this is also one of the reasons why the man is facing jail time.

Louis brings out some fact about this lady too, and says that ‘it is very unlikely’ for her to do so. From Carole’s side, she has been sharing her views about the show too! She thinks the entire series has been lying to its fans for views and fame.


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