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Love Alarm Season 2: Here Are Some Latest Update On The Airdate, Cast, Plot, Spoilers And Much More!

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm: About The Show

Love alarm is one of the first shows on Netflix, which is originally a Korean Drama which has gained a lot of popularity recently. It is concentrated on the high school love drama. There is a technology twist- Love Alarm Season 2.

Love alarm is an app which can show who is in love with you. If the person who admires you is within a distance of 10 metres, then the installed app on the phone starts ringing. However, no specifications about that person are provided.

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Love Alarm Season 2: Cast

Mostly revolving around the love triangle of the highschool students, Love alarm has a beautiful set of characters. Jo Jo is a high school student and lives with her aunt because she lost her parents as a kid.

Love Alarm Season 2
A plot from the previous season of Love Alarm.

Hye Yeong and Hwang sun oh are buddies, Hwang Sun oh is the popular rich guy. He has plenty of lovers, and his alarm keeps ringing all day long, yet, he has only made JoJos alarm ring! On the other hand, his friend too likes JoJo. This marks the beginning of their triangle.

These three characters are essential, and they are sure to return for season 2. Updates in the love alarm app, while season 1 was nearing an end, meant that a second part is coming soon. I think we will see a lot of development in the love stories of the teenager’s lives.

Release Date And Expectations

Since Love Alarm is based on a webtoon, it has plenty of material to proceed. With almost hundreds of chapters, I think they have enough for more three seasons! We are expecting a season pretty soon.

Love Alarm Season 2
Director and lead cast of Love Alarm Season 2.

There was an official announcement when the cast members came together to go over the script. It was all over Twitter, and the fans were pretty excited too. The last season came out only a few days ago, and I think the pandemic is also interfering with the filming process.

Release dates are not even confirmed yet because the production itself is hanging loose. Don’t lose faith and keep bingeing other similar Korean drama! Let’s hope Love Alarm season 2 comes by the end of this year.

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