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Love and money Horoscope Today, 4th September 2020. For Leo, libra, virgo, Aquarius and other signs.


Good that you are considering your health and working out, but you should also control your diet. There may be any kind of tensions in the household, so you are suggested to be calm and patient.

Love- today you may focus on your friends, and that may create problems with your partner.

Compatibility- best with cancer and Virgo.

Lucky no. – 9 and 19



Today you should be tactful, focus on your health. Listen to your family’s problems and help them solve it.

Love – today you will get all the love in return that you have given.

Compatibility- cancer and Virgo

Lucky no. – 8, 22



Some property related matter will come up so be prepared. An outing with family members is possible. You are suggested to focus more on your Academics and work.

Love- Today is a great day to renew past relationships.

Compatibility- best with Leo and libra

Lucky no.- 6, 8, 12



You may be recognised and achieve in your profession front. You may even be benefiting financially, and overall it is really good.

Love- your partner, seems to be very understanding and He/she is trying to understand you more and more.

Compatibility- Aries and Leo

Lucky no. – 5,7,9



A commercial breakdown can be expected, but you may excel in academics and at work. Your hard work seems to pay off, and you will do well the entire day.

Love- the person you like, is interested in you too so you should take the 1st step.

Compatibility- Gemini and Capricorn

Lucky no. – 1,9


You may be indulged in your family things today. Not giving even attention to your family may create problems all along.

Love- you are suggested to be calm with your partner.

Compatibility- Capricorn and Pisces

Lucky no. – 3,8,9



One of the family members is predicted to be ill. You are suggested to take care of yourself and your family. Spend more and more time with them.

Love – you may be in an excellent and romantic mood today.

Compatibility- Pisces and Virgo

Lucky no. 2,5,9



Today you are suggested to take a break from the chaos and spend time alone with nature. The mental and emotional breakdown is possible, so be prepared.

Love- you are suggested to meet your partner and share your feelings to them.

Compatibility- Scorpio and Aquarius

Lucky no. – 8,12



You are very lazy overall, but a desire to get a good body will motivate you to workout. You may get profit from places you have invested.

Love- you may spend ample amount of time today with your partner.

Compatibility- Sagittarius and libra

Lucky no. – 4,15,9



You have been barreling a lot of things at once. You are mentally and emotionally drained. Today you are suggested to talk to your parents about how you feel.

Love- the understanding and loving factor will increase today.

Compatibility- Scorpio and Leo

Lucky no. – 3,9



An argument with your closed ones is possible, so you are suggested to be a little distant for them. Don’t forget to be calm and patient.

Love- you may get a great surprise from your partner.

Compatibility- Leo, libra

Lucky no. – 4,9



Today you may meet someone special, and it will be almost like a new beginning. You may get a profit in your business aspects.

Love- today will be a romantic and good day for you.

Compatibility- Aries, Leo

Lucky no. -6,9

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