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Love Has Won As A Member Deports Back To Colorado!

Members of Love Has Won Sent Back

Love Has Won As A Member Deports Back To Colorado!: According to Maui officials, members of Love Has Won left Hawaii on Sunday for their safety. On Sept. 7, the Maui Police Department (MPD) received word from Kahului Airport screeners.

They received that “Love Has Won Cult” members were trying to travel to an unidentified location in Maui.

The law enforcement officials said in a statement issued on Monday. The leader Amy Carlson and members Jason Castillo and Miguel Lamboy arrived on Kauai around a month ago.

According to the MPD, reports of several protests, vandalism and small fires flashed.

β€œAs a result, law enforcement intervened to ensure the safety of the group,” the MPD said.

According to the Garden Island newspaper, local protesters objected to Love Has Won’s presence on the island. They have challenged the “appropriation of Hawaiian culture” by the Crestone group. Pele, leader of the group, made such a claim.

The Hawaiian fire goddess.

As protests escalated Friday, members of Love Has Won decided to leave Kauai for their safety’s sake. Castillo described the unapproved location destination as a misunderstanding. The travel plans to Maui at Kahului Airport on Sunday.

The group would be returning to Colorado again. The group revealed 11 members were travelling to meet them in Maui. They were travelling from Kauai to Oahu. A coordinated effort between multiple agencies, all the 14 members of the cults departed voluntarily for Colorado.

Members Left For Their Safety!

President of Hawaii’s Visitor Aloha Society said Love Has Won did not involve in violating quarantine restrictions.

The members of the Carbon Nation cult got charged with violating Hawaii’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. They visited Puna on Hawaii’s Big Island, reports the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The members of the Carbon Nation left the State sooner.

β€œDuring COVID-19, sending two different cults back to the mainland certainly shows that these are unusual cases that the state of Hawaii is getting during these difficult times,” Rich told the outlet.

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