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Love Is Blind: Amber Might Go To Work And Barnett Go Back To School After Lockdown

Love is Blind
The stars reunite for the greatest party of Love Is Blind

Netflix’s Love Is Blind:

The stars Amber Pike, and Matt Barnett tie the knot on the series Love Is Blind streaming on Netflix. Now they are planning for a second wedding.

Pike, who is 25 years old and Barnett, who is 27 years old, spoke withΒ They revealed that they are still making a plan on having an actual wedding for their family and friends.

The couple is still going strong after the show is filmed in the fall of 2018. So now they’re ready to continue their life together.

Love Is Blind: The Second Wedding:

Pike says that he still wants to do the bridal showers and the bachelorette parties. He wishes to follow the traditional Southern stuff that they skipped over and rushed through.

They made it clear that this second wedding won’t take anything away from the first marriage. The first wedding happened 38 days after they first met in the pods.

Pike also adds that this wedding won’t take their original wedding back. It will a huge stepping stone for us.

Love is Blind
The second wedding after the love from the pods

Their First Meet:

These series were filmed in October 2018. The contestants meet each other through pods, where they can hear but cannot see the opposite person.

After staying ten days in the pods, the couples who agree to get engaged meet for the first time in person. The engaged couples go on a retreat with the weddings being filmed in November.

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Instagram Followers:

Both Pike and Barnett are dealing with becoming overnight public figures. Barnett’s Instagram followers rose from 300 followers to over 40,000. Pike’s followers rose to 28,000.

Barnett’s Address:

Barnett says that he is surprised to learn he is being considered as a villain by social media users. It is so because he is torn between three women – Pike, Jessica Batten, and Lauren Chamblin.

Love is Blind
Amber Pike Choose Barnett over the others he have been with.

Amber addresses the love triangle of sorts with Batten. She adds that she is upset with how Batten handles everything.

Pike says that he is more upset than anything that Jessica is shady about it. He also exclaims that he and Lauren Chamblin both have emotions for Barnett.

Amber and Matt Barnett:

Amber and Matt Barnett are one of the most favourite couples from the show. Although they have a rocky journey throughout the show, they made it to the altar. Now, despite being on lockdown, the couple is happier than ever.

Both Amber and Barnett have been entertaining their followers. They are providing fans with their latest updates. Amber posts an adorable picture of the couple in matching onesies. It’s caption read “You’re entirely BONKERS. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are doing this quarantine in our usual unfashionable fashion.”

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