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‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Want More Of Michael; Begs Netflix For His Own Show

‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Want More Of Michael

‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Want More Of Michael; Begs Netflix For His Show: Michael from Love on the Spectrum, has won thousands of fans with his American show on Netflix. Also, allowing us to know more about the obstacles people on the autism spectrum face every day.

Michael from Love on the Spectrum
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‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Want More Of Michael; Begs Netflix For His Show

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With the star, he is not able to find his wife on the Netflix series. Fans are raving about Michael, resulting in them wanting him to have his very own show.

Fans Need More Of Michael

Michael has won over the hearts of millions in the US and the UK. The 25-year-old man from Wollongong dreams of being married one day and displays all the heartfelt gentlemanly gestures that most men have unknowingly lost over time.

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Besides, he brings a raw, sensitive, yet humorous side to each date, making us want more of him. Also, some have even stated that Michael is the “type of person every man should aspire to be.”

Also, to the facts about autism that we have come to know are, astounding and reveal a multitude of challenges that are dealt with daily. We can’t just avoid Michael who gives us first-hand insight, making it hard to turn away.

Michael from Love on the Spectrum
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Even though Michael faces additional challenges as he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. You will always see him with a  smile on his face and keeps a positive outlook on finding true love in addition to looking at what he has as a gift rather than a downfall.

Michael from Love on the Spectrum
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As a result, he looks forward to his future and has even placed an empty plaque in his cupboard to put a picture of his future wife to be.

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‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Asking For The Star’s Show

There can be many reasons for the star to have his show. In a society where people have lost values, giving Michael his very own show would provide an insight into the trials and tribulations of having both Asperger syndrome and autism. In addition to educating both men and women on the way, relationships should progress.

 Love on the Spectrum
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Michael, with his honest and sincere intentions, is shown by his unsurpassed confidence and gentlemanly qualities whether it’s pulling the chair for his date or being honest with the person.

‘Love on the Spectrum’ Fans Want More Of Michael
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Guess, these qualities have made all his fans fall in love with him. A fan on Reddit writes, “I would watch it religiously. It could be a mix of a day in the life with some segments where Michael reacts to things and gives life advice.”

Guess he has been able to connect with the people with people through the camera. As a result, his fans wanting a spinoff show with Michael finding his one true love would encapsulate the true meaning of love and what it entails to obtain this wonderful experience.

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