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Lucifer Season 4 Ended On A Dramatic Cliffhanger But Why Did Lucifer Leave Chloe Behind?

Lucifer - A Netflix original series

Lucifer Season 4

It doesn’t have to be either Marvel or DC. We enjoy both the comics and their adaptation of movies as well as series. Lucifer is originally taken from a character in DC comics.

Lucifer Morningstar is the Devil here who returns to hell in the final Season 4, till date. There was a lot of drama when the series stopped midway after season 3. Some low reviews caused the Fox to drop the production.

Lucifer – A Netflix original series

Netflix came to the rescue. It put Lucifer on its charts and gave it a fresh boost. Season 4 was an absolute hit. Meanwhile, the filming of S5 has stopped because of the virus outbreak.

The Cliffhanger

We were left with a lot of questions as Season 4 was coming to an end. So, is Lucifer going to return from hell? Is Charlie going to angelic powers in the future? How is Eve doing after she wandered off somewhere?

Is Lucifer gonna stay back in the hell?

Most importantly, what is up with Chloe? What makes Lucifer so vulnerable in front of her? We want them to get back together, obviously.

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Chloe Was Left Behind: Explained

Chole Decker is left behind by Lucifer in the last episode. She confesses her love to him and we know for a fact Lucifer does too. But, why did he leave her behind? That is the real question. Fans have been torn over this.

The directors or the creators did not tell us anything regarding the ending. Reddit users have looked deeply into it and I think the best answer is here. Lucifer finally has somebody whom he loves so much. He has to leave her behind so that she stays safe and protected, far from the demons.

Future of Lucifer and Chole Decker relation remains questioned

If Lucifer stays in hell, he will be able to keep things under his control. Yet, I wish he could have stayed just one night with Chloe instead of leaving her as soon as she’s confessed.

Are you excited for Season 5? Instead of 10, it will have two parts of 8 episodes each. This is the good news but sadly season 5 will also be the final one.

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