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Lucifer Season 4 Ending Explained: Why Did Lucifer Chloe Receive Behind?

Lucifer Season 5
A scene of Tom Ellis from the Lucifer.

Tom Ellis a.k.a our very devil from the underworld, i.e. Lucifer, wasted no time in becoming a fan favourite. Lucifer, developed by Tom Kapinos, debuted on FOX onΒ  January 25,206. This is a first of its kind television fantasy show to make way into Hollywood. A demon is abandoning Hell to reside in Los Angeles and run his very own night club. This show has had everything on the table for offer. Now, we are to the Lucifer Season 4.

The first season was a grand success. With IMDB rating them at 8.2, Rotten Tomatoes graded the show at a whopping 87%. Lucifer was quickly renewed for two more consecutive seasons. However, FOX dropped the urban fantasy show just after three seasons. This saw Netflix diving in as the guardian angel and reviving the show for yet another season.

Lucifer Season 4
Chloe and Lucifer From Netflix’s Lucifer.

What Happened In The Season 4 Finale?

The end of season 4 saw Lucifer and the team foiling Father Kinley’s end of the world prophecy. All the invading demons were banished back to Hell. Just when everyone, including Chloe, thought this was all over, Lucifer made it clear that that wasn’t the case.

Why Did Lucifer Leave Chloe Behind?

Lucifer and the team banished all the demons back to Hell. But at the same time, the demons have got the idea that Lucifer has no intention of returning to the underworld. This has assured Lucifer that the demons will be back in full force and this will eventually put Chloe’s life in danger.

To avoid this from happening, Lucifer told Chloe that there was the only way to make this stop. For putting an end to this, Lucifer has to return as the King Of Hell to control and stop them from breaking loose yet again.

But in the midst of all this, the moment the fans were starving for finally arrived. Just when Lucifer broke the news to Chloe and the team, Chloe mentioned that she was in love with Lucifer. Similarly, Lucifer wasted no time in confessing his love back to her. When it comes to Lucifer, it has always been about Chloe.

Lucifer Season 4
Lucifer leaves Chloe in the fourth season of Lucifer.

This comes as a heartbreak to many to see their favourite character sacrifice everything he’s built so far and the chance of being with the only person he loves.Β  This is the moment where his white feathered angel wings return. These were last seen at the end of season 3 in which Lucifer protected Chloe from a swarm of bullets.

Throughout the entire fourth season, he is only seen with his devilish black wings. But his selfless act of giving up everything saw those white wings once again. This can only mean that Lucifer has finally overcome his self-hatred and angst and Chloe accepting him for who he is.

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