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Lucifer Season 5: Everything You Need To Know!

The poster of an awaited Lucifer Season 5

The Lucifer: An Overview

First and foremost, let us see what exactly this series is themed. It is a mysterious web series available on the Netflix platform. The first episode was released on 25th January 2016, along with its other three seasons. When the final season ended, everyone is excited to know what happens next. Rotten Tomatoes, in particular, was disappointed with certain scenes in the movie. The Lucifer Season 5 should bring back the all the appreciations of the series.

Lucifer has an IMDb rating of 8.2 / 10. Moreover, the last three seasons were enjoyed by everyone. Fox Studios aired three seasons of this web series. Without a doubt, Netflix streamed its fourth season. The fifth season was clearly announced last year, Till now there is no update on the same.Β 

The scene from the Lucifer so far used to understand the plot.

Lucifer: Storyline

The show revolves around the life of Lucifer. He is an angel living in hell who gets bored and decides to leave the place. He comes to earth to run a night club. The LAPD recruits him for consultation on their cases.Β 

Without a doubt, after Lucifer’s cancellation, fans went crazy. This happened after season three. The season ended with a cliffhanger. He releases the way to keep Chloe safe by returning to hell. Fans are especially to know what would happen after he reaches back in the devil. It will be tough for him to escape the hell again.Β 

Moreover, fans are excited about his return back to the earth. Would it happen? Well, we also don’t know yet.Β 

Lucifer Season 5
A scene of Tom Ellis from the Lucifer.

What About Season 5?

Creators confirmed the filming of 99% of the web series. Not only that, but only half of the last episode was also remaining to film. Whereas due to the virus outbreak, the filming has been stopped for now. As of now, there is no release date provided. Also, this delay might cause a massive impact on its release.Β 

Importantly, Tom Ellis will be playing the character of Lucifer Morning star. He is the lead actor for the web series. Lauren German will be playing Detective Chloe Decker. Apart from this, all other members would remain the same. Additionally, there is no news about the addition of the new cast.Β 

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