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Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Confirmed Cast And More.



Lucifer is back again with its hissing plotline and many new exciting episodes. Despite all the drama which is around the series, the fans did once stop to think. Is this the final season? Netflix is wilding!

Well, a few words here and there are suggesting the possibility that this might is the last season of Lucifer. Read below to know more!

The Storyline and PlotΒ 

Lucifer is originally a drama series with a huge dash of comedy. In fact, I think the reason why it is streaming so popularly is because of the kind of humour itself.

The devil face accompanied by angel wings is an interesting enough concept. Yet, what can unfold? Lucifer being back as the king is indeed a huge enough responsibility. We can never imagine all his good qualities being gone too, can we?

The director, however, has put enough effort to guide the show in a completely different direction. Something very crazy and unexpected. Truth be told, our star Lucifer addressed the eagerness of the fans and assured us. Basically, a lot of questions from our side are to be answered for the season.

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The Cast Members

Preferably, the previous cast will be making a comeback. Can’t really change the original cast members, can they?

Take a quick look:

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren German as Chloe Decker,Β Dennis Haysbert as Almighty,Β Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza,Β Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez,Β Rachael Harris as Linda Martin,Β Inbar Lavi as Ever,Β Leslie Ann as Mazikeen

Inbar is surely making a comeback yet again. She starred as Ever in season 4. The last we heard of her, she was breaking Maze’s heart.

The Actual Release

The talks about Lucifer Season 5 splitting into two is quite true.

We know for now for a fact that it will surely be the very last version. The ongoing show will come to an end. With the filming finished last year itself, no more delay can be expected. But, there’s a plan. The plan is to divide it into halves. Only the first version will be released for the fans to watch. When is the second part coming? Well, just staying tuned to the episodes will help now.

Midsummer 2020 could Mark the release of the show. As we all might be know, the pandemic coronavirus is responsible for delays all over. This, it is probably for the show to be delayed but that is no big deal as long as the wait is short.

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