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Lucifer Season 5 Theory : Maze Is Full Of Transformation Twist !

Source: Film Daily

Lucifer Season And Its History

Lucifer was originally a T.V. series that premiered on Fox. The first season received widespread acclaim for its unique storyline. However, the acclaim did not turn into viewership, although the ones who watched became die-hard fans of the show. Β They are often referred to as Lucifans. Lucifans were heartbroken when Fox canceled the show. A trend started doing rounds on Twitter about the revival of the show, and this garnered media attention. Lucifans finally rejoiced when Netflix took up the show for season 4.

Source: Film Daily

Where It Ended In Season 4 Of Lucifer

Spoiler alert for those who are yet to watch season 4, Lucifans were left with several questions when season 4 ended. Apparently, Lucifer, who ran away from hell to live in L.A., dies in the last episode to return to hell. He does this to keep a check on the demons of hell. Chloe Decker is left heartbroken, just like the fans of the show when Lucifer leaves her for hell even after she confesses her love for him.

Lucifer Season 5 Theories

Ever since the end of season 4, Lucifans are cracking their brain coming up with theories about what would happen in season 5. It has come to the knowledge of fans that Dennis Haysbert will play the role of God. One interesting theory has come up about Maze that has gone viral now. The maze is the right-hand demon of Lucifer, who becomes his rival in season 4. They eventually come together at the end of the season to defeat demon Dromos. Fans have come up with a theory that Maze could transform into a human in the upcoming season. Many Lucifans are coming up with arguments and counter-arguments based on this theory.

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Exciting News About Lucifer Season 6

There were rumors that season 6 of the show was canceled due to some dispute in the contract between lead actor Tom Ellis and Netflix. However, the latest reports suggest that the dispute has been resolved. With this, it is also said that Netflix has given the green light for season 6 of the show. This comes as a relief to Lucifans, who was in tears on hearing about the cancellation of the show.

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