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Lucifer Season 6 Is Moving Closer To Reality After Star Tom Ellis Has Closed A Deal To Return As The Title Character !

Lucifer Season 6
Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer season 6 Lucifer is an American series that first premiered on Fox. Netflix picked it up after cancellation from Fox. The series is based on DC Comics’ character from the comic series The Sandman. Jerry Bruckheimer Television, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television produce the show. The premiere of the first season was on January 25, 2016. The show received mixed reviews for the season but improved with subsequent seasons. Fox canceled the show after season 3 due to low viewership. Netflix later picked it up and continued with season 4. Netflix renewed the series for a fifth season.

Plot of Lucifer

Lucifer Season 6

A character called Lucifer Morningstar is the protagonist of the show. He is an angel who is banished from heaven and sent to hell for betrayal. Lucifer doesn’t like his time as a devil and runs away from hell to Los Angeles. He starts a new life in LA, where he runs a nightclub called Lux. He becomes a consultant for LAPD after he gets involved in a murder case with Detective Chloe Decker. The show is about the life of Lucifer on earth and the adventures he undertakes as a consultant for LAPD.

Rumours About Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer Season 6
Lucifer Season 6

Netflix renewed Lucifer for Season 5, and the production of the season was underway. The COVID 19 pandemic forced them to hold the production work. As per the reports, the shooting and production were almost complete. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Netflix has agreed for a season 6 of the show. This comes as a relief to the fans. There were headlines in April, which suggested that Season 5 was the last due to some contract dispute between the lead star Tom Ellis and Netflix. Deadline has reported that the issues have been resolved, and Netflix has given the green light for the season. Netflix is yet to confirm this news.

Lucifer Cast

Tom Ellis plays the character of Lucifer Morningstar, and Lauren German plays Detective Chloe Decker. The supporting cast includes Β Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel “Dan” Espinoza, D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, and Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin.

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