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Luis Suarez Makes An Emotional Exit From Barcelona To Join Atletico Madrid!

Luis Suarez Barcelona
Source: Goal

Luis Suarez Gets Emotional As He Leaves Barcelona

Luis Suarez is all set to join Atletico Madrid after his stint with Barcelona. He was a core attacking member of the team but has fallen outside the priority of Barcelona. So now is making his move to Atletico Madrid. However, deep inside, he still has an attachment for his former team and was very emotional about it. He said:

β€œWhen the club says it doesn’t need you anymore, you have to accept it. But it takes a while, it’s difficult. Your family is involved, you’ve gone through a lot with the club. So it’s difficult to accept that you are leaving, but you have to. It’s the reality, it’s how things are in soccer.”

Luis Suarez Barcelona
Source: Goal

Leaving Barcelona Comes As A Sudden Move For Luis Suarez

Suarez accepted that he was not expecting to bid farewell to Barcelona anytime soon and everything has come down very unexpectedly for him. He said:

β€œThis is very hard for me. It wasn’t expected, I didn’t have anything prepared. It’s been many years, I’ve made many friends, that makes me happy.”

Luis Suarez Gives The Reason For Joining Atletico Madrid

Luis Suarez loves to play in La Liga. When Barcelona conveyed their plans, he got offers from many clubs, including Atletico. He decided to choose it so that he gets to play against the best teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona. He said:

β€œWhen Barcelona told me that I wasn’t needed anymore, I received several calls from other clubs. I felt that I was still able to play in a club that could compete against Madrid and Barcelona. I’m going to a very competitive team that can achieve a lot.”

Luis Suarez Barcelona
Source: Fox News

Suarez Thanks Barcelona For Taking Him After Biting Incident

Suarez was banned after biting a player in the world cup. Due to that, he also received a lot of hate and negative publicity. Even amid all this, Barcelona decided to take him to the team. He said:

β€œI’ll always be thankful for that. It wasn’t easy to accept that, but the club believed in me. From the time I arrived, my colleagues and everyone in the club treated me wonderfully.”

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