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Mad Men: Scheduled to Leave Netflix Australia? Will Mad Men leave US Too?

Mad Men
Mad Men

This year has already started off as a drag, but hold up. There is more bad news on the way. Did you the series ‘Mad Men’ is to leave Netflix by the end of this month? No? Well, read on.

Brief Background

The show set to be showing the old classic imagery from the old American times, features a good amount of familiar stars. Back then too people had a conflicting time between their work and personal time. The glamorous advertising business was quite upheld during the 1960s.

With a whopping number of 92 episodes and 7 seasons, it had obviously a large fan following. Some of us are huge admirers of Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Christina Hendricks ( Joan Holloway ), Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson), and a few more.

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The Gradual Decline

Mad Men is an absolutely amazing show. However, with the presence of other interesting and intriguing shows like The Office and You, the competition has been ever increasing. The streaming rights had a hard time back in 2011 too and Netflix paid around a million dollars for each episode (with Lions gate).

While we consider Mad Men a huge success, it was time to ask the real question. Is it really a show which is streamed or binge-watched constantly? With so many other successes, Netflix is willing to cut it short with the show for a final time. The license renewal for the show would come up in the US by July 27th.

The Reason For Departure

If the show does now restore its series before the elapsing date, it will be very difficult to do anything about it. It is scheduled to officially go off from Netflix at the end of this month, that is, 30th April.

Not just Australia, but a lot of countries are going to follow a similar fate.
There was something going on about how it could be saved by July 2020 after a renewal, but for the moment we have no updates on it. We can always look forward to seeing the show by downloading it from torrents or streaming on some other websites.

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