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Made In Abyss Season 2-Release Date, Cast, Production And Plot

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Made In Abyss Season Updates

Akihito Tsukushi’s famous manga series that started back in 2012. As of July 2020, Takeshobo’s digital publication has released a total of nine volumes of the manga.

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In 2017, it was picked up by Kinema Citrus for a 13-episode anime adaptation. t is critically acclaimed and has a fanbase of millions from around the globe.

Thus, shortly after the debut of the first season, his studio announced the renewal of the sequel. However, it came in the form of an anime film, unlike what fans had expected. Made Abyss: Dawn Of The Deep Soul, the sequel film, debuted in theatres in January 2020 and continued the first season’s plot. Before that in January 2019, Kinema Citrus had already released two compilation films (season 1) on the big screen.

Β Abyss Season 2 Finally Renewed

The second season of the anime was eventually renewed by Kinema Citrus after a long wait. The Dawn Of The Deep Soul movie’s end credits featured a To be continued’ note. The anime’s official website reported the news the next day, on January 18, 2020. They released a trailer announcement announcing that the series’ new sequel is now scheduled for development.

Well a small portion of the fanbase of the MIA claims that this latest sequel could also be a movie. As per speculation, however, the upcoming story arc of the manga is too vast to be consumed in a movie. Therefore the next sequel should presumably be a series instead of a movie in order to cover an acceptable stopping point.

Release Date

In January, Made in Abyss debuted in Japan.Β  The intention was to deliver Season 2 in April. But the production was delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account that since the basics were circulated, it has been three years of hanging up. We should expect the Season 2 debut date to be announced very soon.

Cast Of Made In Abyss Season 2

Unquestionably, there will be a turnaround for most of the cast from Season 1. As per the following, the voice cast(English) people for Made in Abyss are

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Brittany Lauda as Rico, Luci Christian as Reg, Brittney Karbowski as Nanachi and Monica Rial as Mitty.

When Will The Production of Season 2 Starts?

Kinema Citrus has officially confirmed that the second season got delayed. The studio, however, has yet to begin production. Owing to the lack of source content, one of the key factors behind the delay is The makers of the anime didn’t have enough manga chapters until recently to produce a complete episode. Fortunately, the studio will only need one more manga volume now that Volume 9 has been published.

The story of 26 manga chapters (halfway through Volume 4) covered the first season of the TV anime. Whereas the film Dawn Of The Deep Soul featured the story arc of Bondrewd that ends in Chapter 38. With the newly published Volume 9, there are now a total of 55 chapters in the manga. For the second season, this leaves us with just 17 chapters.

Plot Of The Made In Abyss Season 2

It is anticipated that the upcoming instalment will continue the Dawn Of The Deep Soul movie storey. Hence in the sixth layer, it will possibly feature the Capital Of The Unreturned. Riko, Reg, and Nanachi, our leading characters, join the sixth layer through the altar that follows Minya. They find themselves trapped in the Narehate Village of Ilblu, inhabited by the Hollows, not long after making their last dive. As soon as they reach the darkest reaches of the Abyss, the four of them discover mysteries, terrors, and bewildering truths.

As the sixth layer awakens Riko, she loses her friends on the way. The main character sinks deep into the Village of the Hollows when looking for them, where she is driven to make tough decisions. Later on, she discovers the Village of the Hollows’ harrowing origin story.

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