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Major SPOILERS! ‘Big Brother 22’ Week Seventh Eviction Vote!


Major SPOILERS! ‘Big Brother 22’ Week Seventh Eviction Vote!: The 22nd episode of Big Brother, which is most like to telecast on Thursday, might see the eviction of a woman which is the fifth woman in a row in the seventh coming week of the competition.

Right after the eviction of Keesha Smith, Janelle Pierzine, Bayleigh Dayton evicted in the week 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Head of household, Memphis Garret has been on the top of the storm for the last few days.

Big Brother 22; Memphis Using His Power

Memphis has a couple of achievements which includes the HOH of the seventh month which was on last Thursday, runner up of the 10th seasons.

Source: goldderby

He finally is close to winning this competition. It is not the first time when Memphis won the Head of the household title. He won the same title in the second week making him the two times HOH this season.

Using the power of HOH back in the second week he managed to figure out the departure of Nicole Anthony making David Alexander the other nominee that week.

David Is Safe!

Later on, after five weeks after winning the HOH again, Memphis was also ready to shower some love on David, until Cody Calafiore proved, David to be more deserving.

Later they made the case that David could play an important role later in the game.
Later on, Friday Memphis chose to make Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell as the nominated ones.

Source: Goldderby
Da’Vonne might get evicted in the seventh week.

He made the reconsideration overnight. Memphis Changed his plans and decided not to nominate David.

The ultimate nomination Turned out to be Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel. Tyler Crispen helped Memphis to fill out the field.

Vote Between Da’Vonne & Kevin

The six of the candidates make their way into the maze set up in the backyard. Tyler might be the fastest but couldn’t conclude using POV at Monday’s ceremony.

Also, Tyler has to hear Memphis, who is backing David. Later Da’Vonne and Kevin label David as a threat to Tyler. It ended with Tyler not reaching a decision and letting the line up be.

Source: goldderby
Tyler not using POV

Memphis making the best of the situation opted for Da’Vonne getting evicted this week. With Cody and Memphis getting supported by all the houseguests, the decision is on the jury pool.

Do you want Da’Vonne to go or stay? Comment below to express your views #BB22 so far.

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