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MAJOR SPOILERS: “MONEY HEIST” Season 5 Updates!: With the final season of the Spanish show, Money Heist is already making its way to Netflix, fans are heartbroken. The show will have its season 5 releasing in 2021.

Is Gang Splitting?

The news of the final season was released on 31 July on Instagram with the picture of a broken mask even though fans saw a dramatic ending for season 4, with Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) finding the Professor’s hideout and holding him at gunpoint.

Even though this was a theatrical point the last season, the creator of Β La Casa de Papel, Pina doesn’t see this as dramatic enough.

Money Heist: Professor and the gang

He dropped hints about the gang’s separation, and he had pointed out that he feels that the band should separate for good no:w.

Nairobi death in season 4

He said:

“We have spent almost a year thinking about how to destroy the band.”


β€œHow to put the Professor on the ropes. How to get into situations that are irreversible for many characters. The result is the fifth season of La Casa de Papel. The war reaches its most extreme and savage levels, but it is also the most epic and exciting season.”

With the death of Berlin and Nairobi dead, we might see new characters joining the gang.

Denver Sacrifices Himself

According to some of the fans, the show might demand more death. A theory that has come to light is of Denver Β (Jaime Lorente) sacrifice himself for his wife MΓ³nica (Esther Acebo), also known as Stockholm.

A popular theory with the fans as the show might have left a hint for his death when he said, to protect MΓ³nica, he would jump in front of a bullet.

More deaths for the gang to com

It could be accurate as the character so far has been hot-headed and careless on many occasions, which have often led him to danger.

A Redditor had pointed that Denver had previously almost been caught by the police when he had borrowed Berlin’s jacket. The police had found about Berlin’s identify the cause of the button on his coat.

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