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Major SPOILERS! Neighbours’ Chloe Brennan Heartbroken Over Pierce’s ‘Betrayal’!

Source: Channel 5
Chloe feeling something is wrong with the baby

Major SPOILERS! Neighbours’ Chloe Brennan Heartbroken Over Pierce’s ‘Betrayal’!: With Pierce betrayal, Chloe has hit rock bottom, Channel 5 soap left Chloe devastated with her husband Pierce in another women arm.

Neighbours, Pierce and Chloe are planning to start a new family, with Chloe pregnant, with their dream blowing we will see how Chloe copes up.

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Neighbours: Chloe and Pierce Family Complications

Chloe Brennan’s ( April Rose Pengilly) pregnancy has to lead her and her husband, Pierce (Tim Robards) making some hard decision.

She has had Huntington’s Disease; the question about the child being affected by the disease is also unknown.

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Chloe and Pierce marriage

The Neighbours couple on Channel 5 has a piece of good news, finding that the baby hasn’t inherited the life-limiting condition. But the good news won’t last long with Chloe suffering miscarriage.

With Pierce looking forward to becoming a father, the news will drive him away and might be a kickstart for hiss affair with Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal).

Chloe Brennan’s Miscarriage

Next week, viewers will see the heartbreaking twist, with the couple making significant decisions regarding the child after finding that the child didn’t inherit the disease.

Source: channel 5
Chloe and Nicolette sharing a walk

Pierce, suggests that the duo leave Ramsay Street and look for a bigger house. Chloe is overwhelmed and turns to her friend Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes), and they both go for a walk.

She talks about her relationship problems, with both of them having a different perspective of starting a new family.

Source: Channel 5
Chloe feeling something is wrong with the baby.

When the mother to reach her decision of getting a comprise with her husband and telling him how much she loved him but ends up in pain.

Chloe feels something is wrong and calls her husband, and later in the scene, the couple finds about losing their child.

Chloe’s Baby Shower; Pierce’s Cheating

The time would’ve been perfect for the couple to bond and share their sorrow has turned into the couple drifting away.

Already aired scene in Australia shows Chloe planning on throwing the baby shower even after the incident as she doesn’t want her mother Fay Brennan (Zoe Bertram) finding of the truth.

Also, we see Pierce turning to his friend Dipi, to lend a should to cry on sand support. Later, Chloe and Pierce will attend her cooking classes to mend their relationship.

Pierce Unexpected Kiss

Dipi is left mortified with her husband Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) interruption in her class and later arguing with her, ending you creating a scene.

Source: Channel 5
Pierce and Dipi sharing a intimidate moment together

Pierce jumping in to defend Dipi, leads to Shane and Dipi into a more powerful argument. Also, to discuss their marriage problems, Dipi and Pierce meet up at Lassiter’s.

Although at the heat of the moment we see the duo sharing a kiss but regretting it later. Though the pair kept it a secret, it might flame things for a long term affair.

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