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Major SPOILERS! Neighbour’s Levi Canning Reveals His Long-Held Secrets!

Source: channel 5
Levi revealing his family about his secret

Major SPOILERS! Neighbour’s Levi Canning Reveals His Long-Held Secrets!: Neighbours new cast member Β Levi Canning, will finally have to reveal the secret that he had laid hidden from his loved ones.

Neighbours: Levi Canning’s Secret

Levi just got his life on track with all his loved ones close to him, ultimately, with his grandmother, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann), disclosing that she was the reason due to which he was attacked by the thugs when he was young.

Source: channel 5
Levi revealing his family about his secret

The primary secret shared about him suffering from uncontrollable seizures, with him suffering from epilepsy for the rest of his life.

His grandmother and sister Kyle Canning (Chris Milligan) don’t know the reason from his suffering was due to the past horrendous ordeal.

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Levi Canning (Richie Morris)

So far only Bea Nilsson (Bonnie Anderson), learns about his secret but we will soon be seeing Levi confessing this truth to his loved ones.

The Major Secret Reveal

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Neighbours on Channel 5

Next week, the story will twist into Australian’s biggest storyline with Levi and his partner Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer)Β getting a hint on whose behind the drug racket running throughout Ramsay Street.

Dax Braddock (Dean Kirkright) being in the suspect limelight with them suspecting him, the head behind all the illegal activities.

Soon someone will reveal that their intuition is correct with Dax struggling to keep hos good-guy image and wanting to eliminate the young threats.

Source: channel 5
Yashvi abducted by Dax and threatened with a taser.

Further, we will see Dax suspending Yashvi and going a little overboard with Levi, by mixing up his epilepsy medication.

Also, Levi crucial with his medication mixed up, the young office found and given the right medication. His family is in a dilemma with many questions.

Levi confronts & Yashvi In Danger.

After the seizure attack, Levi left to answer his family. His grandmother knew about him suffering from some head trauma after the incident but didn’t know how to serve it was.

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Sheila Canning reveals about her past to Levi.

The Canning matriarch, devasted by their loved one’s condition, but it isn’t only his loved ones Levi needs to answer with his career also on the line.

His career is also on the line with him hiding about his health condition; viewers will have to wait to find about what the young officer will be facing in the future ahead.

Also, with Yashvi solving the case, Dax has gone into a rampage. He abducted her to Erinsborough High and threatening her with a taser.

Source: Channel 5
Paul Robinson and Harlow Robinson in danger from Dax

With the horror just starting, Dax might hurt anyone who gets into his way, and we guess Yashvi isn’t the only one getting injured. Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and Richie Amblin (Lachie Miller) are being pulled into the horror of Dax.

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